Mr. Franc Bogovič,
Minister of Agriculture and the Environment


Bogovič was born on 2 February 1963 in Koprivnica pri Brestanici, Krško Municipality. He is married and has three children.


He enrolled at the College of Agronomy in Maribor. He graduated in 1984 and became Engineer of agriculture.

From 1984 to 1990, he was employed in Agrokombinat Krško, where he first worked as an agricultural extension expert; during the last year and a half of his employment in this company, he headed the Co-op Department. In 1990, he established and ran until 1998 a family business which engaged in trade and organisation of agricultural production.


In 1992 he founded in his hometown Agricultural cooperative Bohor; he was for some time Chairman of the Management Committee of the cooperative.


From 1998 to December 2011 he was professional Mayor of Krško Municipality. During his thirteen-year tenure, Krško Municipality became the most energy efficient municipality in Slovenia in 2010 and the third greenest medium-sized municipality. As mayor he was among other things involved in the projects of effective waste management system (over 50% of separately collected waste), promoting eco schools, eco-marketplaces, various cleaning campaigns, building a modern biomass boiler, construction of seven solar power plants on public installations. Moreover, he was involved in large investments in agricultural cooperatives and agribusinesses (Agricultural Cooperative Krško, Fruit growing company EVROSAD, vegetable cultivation along the Krka river) and in the preparation of analysis of urban land suitable for construction of gardens in the cities.

He and his family have 23 ha large fruit- and cattle-oriented farm, of which 4 ha of apple orchards and 7 ha of forest.
From 2008 to 2011 he was elected Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, on the list of the Slovenian People's Party. He was chairman of the Committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Food, a member of the Committee for Economic Affairs, a member of the Committee for Local Government and a member of the Commission for petitions and complaints. On early elections in December 2011 he was re-elected Member of the National Assembly.

He is president of the Slovenian People's Party and Vice President of the Club of Mayors of the Slovenian People’s Party. For four years he was Vice President of the European Association of GMF - Group of European Municipalities with nuclear facilities, thus he participated in numerous debates in the European Parliament and the Nuclear Forum, established by the European Commission.

He speaks fluently English, Croatian and Serbian and understands French.

Mr. Branko Ravnik,
State Secretary for Agriculture


Branko Ravnik born on 3 August 1961 in Jesenice enrolled at the Grm Novo mesto – Centre of Agriculture and after military service at the Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science. In  1985 he received a Bachelor of Engineering in Agriculture, Animal husbandry direction title.


His first job was on the family farm. In 1986 he began working at the Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative Bohinj, first as an agricultural extension expert and later as head of Agricultural Unit. In 1992 he again worked on the family farm; with partners he founded and ran a private company whose main activity was development of computer software solutions, primarily for agriculture.


He was head of the Agricultural Advisory Service of Slovenia at the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry when being established in 2001. He was responsible for coordination of operation of the service in the performance of expert advice, special emphasis was given to the implementation of agricultural policies on the spot before and after the Slovenian accession to the EU. He was also engaged in coordination of preparation of expert opinions and views on the legislation, subject to be adopted. He was inolved in tight communication with the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development as well as with farmers in the bodies of the same institution and various institutions in the field of agriculture.


In October 2005 he was appointed Director of Agricultural and Forestry Institute Kranj of CAFS (Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia). In addition to managing operational tasks, and adapting professional services to the requirements of modern times he put a special emphasis on the establishment of commercial operations of the Institute in the field of agriculture, related to business economics at the farm.


In March 2007 he was appointed acting Director General of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and in July as Director General of the Directorate for a period of 5 years.


He is married and father of five children.


He speaks English, Croatian, Serbian; he has knowledge of German.

Ms Marjeta Peterlin

Marjeta Peterlin, BSc of Economy with 25 years experience in various fields of private and public sector, mainly in senior and managerial positions. Ms Peterlin has knowledge and experience in preparation and execution of investments, also in finance, information technology, management and business process; she has experience in drafting legislation and active operation of the working bodies responsible for the environmental issues.


In 2001 she obtained a graduate degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, specialisation Monetary matters and finances. She is currently preparing a master thesis in Economics in field of information management sciences at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.


She is married and has two children.


She speaks fluently English and Croatian.